Escenas para maderas

for woodwind quintet

“Escenas para maderas” is one of my first attempts to make music based on external sources rather than internal sources. Harmonically, the combinations are results of several imaginary harmonic spectra. Based on this principle, the piece frequently displays chords in fifths, which at the time when I wrote this piece inspired me due to the predominance of the interval both in the history of music and in natural harmonic timbres. Melodically, the piece also explores fifths: the pivotal points of the piece consist of lines in which the start and end points present such interval. From this standpoint, several natural events are explored –dawn, rain, birds, the sky. Extramusically, the title of the piece, "Scenes of wood" in Spanish, refers to a forest that has been a sanctuary for me for most of my life: the Lagunas de Zempoala national forest about 80 km. Southwest of Mexico City.

Performers: Yadira Guevara, flute; Omar Álvarez, Oboe; Hugo Manzanilla, clarinet; Fernando Torres, french horn; David Sánchez, basoon.





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